Media Transfers

Professional Media Transfers
Transfer over old home videos, wedding photos, and other sentimental pieces from the past with a quick, easy, and affordable media transfer. Astro Video Photo Transfers & Productions, in Staten Island, New York, specializes in media transfers for videotapes, photos, CDs, and DVDs. All equipment used is of professional broadcast quality.

Film – Photo Transfers
DVDs – Photo Transfers

Media We Transfer
The types of media we transfer over include:

  • LPs
  • Films
  • CDs
  • Videotapes
  • DVDs
  • Color Prints
  • Slides


Our Media Services
Media transfers are performed through the following process:

  • Chapter & Title Pages Added for Easy Viewing upon Request
  • Music of Your Choice Added to Enhance the Viewing Experience
  • Media Stored in a Fire & Waterproof Container While in Our Possession
  • Multiple Copies of Your DVDs Made upon the Completion of Your Project
  • Media Color Corrected & Edited before Transferring to a Professional Quality DVD with a Custom Label
  • Photos, Slides, Prints, VHS Tapes & Super 8 tape, C -tapes, 8mm,16mm films Format Tapes, C-Format Videotapes, & Mini DV Tape


Why Use Us?
The most important benefit of working with Astro Video Photo Transfers & Productions is to stop the deterioration and loss of the resolution of your film, videotapes, slides, and photos. In addition, we help stop color shifting, fading, and the loss of detail and sound of your videotapes, which happens over time no matter how well they are stored.


Transferring Old & Deteriorating Media
With the combination of the professional-grade equipment we use and our countless years of experience, we have been able to restore imaging from deteriorated film, videotapes, slides, and photos that were hardly viewable before. As a family-owned business, we provide personalized service and reasonable rates that you can depend on. All color corrections and editing are done on premise.